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Working With Steel

There’s something special about working in steel design and manufacturing.

We tend to think of steel as a material limited to industrial purposes.

The use of metal as an expression in commercial and residential design has been under-utilized in recent years. The number of steel furnishings manufacturers is a smaller segment of the design world, and while you may have the inspiration for incorporating metal in design, it takes a good steel fabrication contact to be able to produce your vision.

Gault Designs stemmed from our original manufacturing plant, Industrial Services of Peachtree City, an industrial welding, fabrication and machine shop. After several years of producing products for commercial customers, we were inspired by the abilities of steel and its beauty in raw or sealed form. Working together with our customers, Gault Designs has been able to create high-quality steel designs for exteriors and interiors.

We work with a wide variety of materials and finishes, and have even developed a secret-formula clear coat finish to preserve the natural look of metal in a high-end gloss.

We’re in a unique position, having both steel design and manufacturing under one roof. This allows us to be as creative as possible in our work, and find the most efficient methods of producing the end product. We’re able to help design professionals deliver consistent, exceptional quality to their clients by having a hand in everything that goes out our door.

We often joke that we’re the most infrequently-named vendor when our work is published in magazines or design websites. But steel fabrication, when done with pride and dedication, tends to blend into a great design, inextricably elevating a space’s impact.

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