At Gault Designs, we have over 100 combined years of professional experience as a manufacturing and design business. 

We've found that while customers are wowed by steel details that an architect, designer, or builder takes the time to incorporate into an exceptional home, very few people have a full overview of the creativity, engineering, tooling and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our projects.

You may have seen some of our work if you have visited the town of Serenbe in Georgia. We have many products that we've created around the community. They are designed to be seamless installations that offer unexpected, thoughtful elements to the adventure of visiting this unique community, without calling attention to the effort behind every facet of the experience.  

We've come to reaize that steel furnishings lend a "surprise and delight" factor to interior and exterior projects with the unpredictable, creative twist of a steel staircase, counter, wine bar, table, etc. It gives the space an exclusivity and point of pride, without instantly revealing what makes the room feel so special.

You can learn more about the secrets of the manufacturing process, and upgrade the design solutions that you deliver to your customers.

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