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Staying Grounded

As a business owner who works together with my husband, I find it vital to take the time to practice self-care and meditation. I like to reserve a few minutes at the start or end of each day to reflect on recent challenges and moments of gratitude.  I find that it helps keep me grounded, and helps me to successfully and actively function as wife, mother, and business owner.

I wanted to share my perspective, because I truly believe in a “to each their own” philosophy when it comes to spirituality and self-care. We all do what works best for us and gives us strength. While my businesses are contributing to some significant projects and employing a good-sized team of people, I don’t think we would be as open to growth and new opportunities if we didn’t take a little time each day for reflection.

Creating boundaries

The past 12 months have been my best year for managing my time and energy.

I created boundaries in all areas of my life to protect the one thing you can’t get back: time. I also made it my priority in all aspects of my life to respect where I am right now. To achieve this, I keep good company in my family, friends, team members and customers so that I can maintain great energy. When I momentarily forget to closely watch my time and/or energy, I see a dramatic shift, and bounce back as quickly as possible. This gift of life is to be cherished, and I have a deep appreciation for it.

Partner struggles as the business grows

Today I reflected on the challenges that my husband Justin and I walked through this year, as both spouses and business partners.

Justin and I have been together since we were teenagers, and our relationship, while incredibly co-supportive and productive, can also get kind of sappy at times. I make no apologies. It keeps us young.

These are the thoughts that went through my head today.

With every step I take, I welcome more love and light into my life, and I take every step with my most amazing partner in life. So to you my love, I wouldn’t want to be alone in this journey without you by my side. You bring me light when I need it the most. And you bring me challenges that I learn from, hard in the moment, but a wonderful memory to learn from later… sometimes much later. 🙂

Looking forward

I have greatly enjoyed the practicality of scaling our companies. We get to work with some pretty dedicated, experienced professionals in our industry, and I love the collaborative nature of our work.

On a personal note, I want to share my understanding of the laws of attraction with the world. I’ve decided to make some big changes this year to accomplish those dreams. I believe everything will unfold just as it’s meant to.

I am super excited for our continued success, and I look forward to sharing the experience of how it has helped me to evolve.

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