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Sliding Into the Workday

The traditional corporate office seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years, giving rise to workplaces that allow for more fun and comfort. If you have happy and relaxed employees, it’s believed that you can increase key workforce qualities, such as productivity and creativity.

When your company hits one of the popular “Best Places to Work” lists, it’s a great signifier that your business is doing well, and its people are, too!

Gault Designs was asked to come up with a creative solution for a commercial space that houses offices and a warehouse. This hardworking team wanted a workplace slide, like the ones you see at Google’s offices.

We were excited to design and manufacture this slide for them. This slide is 14 feet high, in stainless steel, with two big curves on the way down.

This was an incredibly fun project for us, and we’re so happy they asked us to create it for them!

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