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In Celebration

Serenbe received its name from the Nygren family, drawing on the notions of serenity and being. A community immersed in a sense of being calm & peaceful. Perfect words to describe the space that Gault Designs holds in Serenbe now and in celebration of our 3-year anniversary.

“We had never put thought into having a store or a showroom for our company. But in conversation one day, our photographer said that it would be a perfect location for us. We were inspired by her suggestion and went to Serenbe the next day. Just two days after our visit, we signed a letter of intent for our future showroom.

Our presence has grown in the community, and we are often gathering to create another masterpiece. One of our most profound project yet is at the One Mado Medical Building. Steve Nygren initially reached out to us for a custom spiral rail system and from there the project evolved. In addition to the spiral rail system that is a conversation starter to aluminum signage, an infinity flow dog bowl for our K9 friends, stunning planter baskets and much more.

The thought to bring Gault into Serenbe has turned into so much more. It is inspiring to watch unfold each and every day, a new design concept to look forward to. The unknown as it unravels with a collaboration of minds.

I hold Serenbe true to my heart. It is my Serenbe Land.”

-Christina Gault


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