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An Open Letter of Gratitude

2018 was a spectacular year for us at Gault Designs. Our challenges were stepping stones in growth for us, and we were able to invest in many great projects, as well as co-create many new things.

Co-founder Justin Gault says: “It was a tough year, with a lot of contrasts – which was setting us up for a great, positive shift. It was a lot of growth, whether we liked it or not!”

Justin was referencing a lot of obstacles during manufacturing that we learned to overcome in the past year, and the new experiences as partners. We were forced to re-learn how to be husband and wife and business partners, with our third company now under our belt, and still growing. Things were simpler with just one — but where is the fun in that?

Growth in Serenbe

I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship with the Serenbe community, this new urbanism jewel. In the newest Serenbe neighborhood, Mado, many great minds came together to create and expand this space, in addition to other parts of the community. This further expansion and the projects we’ve been involved in allowed Gault Designs to do what we do best — dream big.

We have created deep bonds with our customers. We’ve gotten to know their families, and hold each of them dear to our hearts. It is because of our customers  that we are able to grow and expand in so many more ways than just sales. So I share my gratitude to everyone that has shared an interest in our company, and in what we do. We are most grateful. And I send a special thanks to the Nygren family for helping us along the way!

Change is good

We experienced more than a few changes during the past year:

  • We grew from 10,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet
  • Our work was shown in Atlanta Home and Lifestyle Magazine, Dwell Magazine, and HGTV.com
  • Gault Designs participated in the Naturally House, a fantastic project here in Serenbe
  • We went to Bali for the first time, with a great group of people
  • Our family was expanded with a second dog, Bella
  • We actively decided to travel as much as we wanted, while the kids are still young
  • We created a perfect routine for spiritual growth and expansion
  • We made room for great customers
  • Personally, I prepared to help others through my personal experience. My new program will be launching soon.
  • At the Serenbe showroom, we landed Mary, the newest member of our team.

I think that our success is the culmination of understanding how we wanted to manage and grow our business, and staying focused on providing quality work and great service. Business scaled as we kept our noses to the grindstone. We hired team members that, regardless of years of experience, showed motivation, a professional demeanor, an outstanding work ethic, and an ability to work well together.

For every part of this — the long days, the learning opportunities, and relying on our instincts to get through challenges and get the job done well — I am grateful.

Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!


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