Gault Designs is a high-quality custom steel furnishings designer and steel manufacturing plant. We have locations in the community of Serenbe and in Peachtree City, Georgia. 

Why Steel?

Working With Steel


We tend to think of steel as a material limited to industrial purposes. Because of its strength and ability to offer a sharp edge, steel has been used to create things such as buildings, bridges, ships, swords, appliances, and surgical instruments... just to name a few.

The use of metal as an expression in commercial and residential design has been under-utilized in recent years. The number of steel furnishings manufacturers is a smaller segment of the design world, and while you may have the inspiration for incorporating metal in design, it takes a good contact to be able to produce your vision.

Gault Designs stemmed from Justin and Christina Gault’s original manufacturing plant, Industrial Services of Peachtree City, an industrial welding, fabrication and machine shop. After several years of thoughtfully producing pragmatic products for commercial customers, the Gaults were inspired by the abilities of steel, and its beauty in raw or sealed form. Working with architects, interior designers, homebuilders, homeowners, corporations, and small businesses, Gault Designs has created striking, timeless, high-quality steel designs for exteriors and interiors.

They’ve even developed a secret-formula clear coat finish to preserve the natural look of metal in a high-end gloss.

Whether you’re looking for a showpiece staircase, a custom stair rail that perfectly accents your home’s materials and textures, a gleaming statement piece or a rustic look in CorTen, Gault Designs can turn your vision into a remarkable result.

Why Serenbe?

A Serenbe Design Business


Serenbe is a fabulous, walkable community that people are drawn to because of its design – and how it exists in harmony with nature. The area where Serenbe grew, in Chattahoochee Hills, about 30 miles south of Atlanta, is woodsy, and tranquil, with gently rolling hills. You can think here. You can create here.

People live in Serenbe to be able to wake up and take in the views and be connected to the forests, and walk through the landscape and know their neighbors – and be inspired by their neighbors. We wanted to grow a business and participate in this innovative, creative, natural aesthetic that Serenbe has to offer. And it’s a joy to welcome design professionals and local residents into our showroom and sit and talk about ideas with all of this outside our windows.

If you find yourself in Serenbe, come and sit by our rust-finish fire pit, or laze in one of our hammock stands when the weather’s warm and watch the clouds float by. Walk in and look at our customized tables, fireplaces, wine racks and art pedestals. Touch the finishes. Ask questions. Sit on a bench in a clear coat finish and enjoy the fresh air. We can’t wait to welcome you.

About the Gaults

Christina Gault of Gault Designs

Christina Gault - Lead Designer and Owner

Christina Gault is co-owner, co-founder and lead designer of Gault Designs, and co-owner of Industrial Services of Peachtree City together with her husband, Justin.

Christina was born and raised in Ohio. She graduated from (VMCAD) Virginia Marti College of Art and Design with a degree in Applied Business & Graphic Design.

Christina Gault

Justin Gault - Master Machinist/Designer and Owner

Justin Gault is co-owner, co-founder and designer of Gault Designs, and co-owner of Industrial Services of Peachtree City with his wife Christina.

Justin was born and raised in Ohio. He went to school at Polaris Career Center, and is an expert machinist and fabricator with years of experience honing his craft. 

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