Our Story About Gault Designs

Christina Gault of Gault Designs

Christina Ann Gault

Lead Designer and Owner

Christina Gault is co-owner, co-founder and lead designer 

of Gault Designs, and co-owner of Industrial Services of 

Peachtree City with her husband Justin.

Christina was born and raised in Ohio. She graduated from (VMCAD) Virginia Marti College of Art and Design with a degree in Applied Business & Graphic Design.

Gault Designs launched when they were inspired to create the perfect furniture piece for their kitchen. From there they utilized their existing resources in their sister company, ISOPTC, and began crafting high quality custom steel furnishings and with incredibly unique designs and offering design assistance.

“We don’t make mistakes, we make choices. Look at life as a gift for love, growth, & change. I am humbled to work every day doing something I love. I get to work with the love of my life, Justin and come home every day to see my 3 beautiful sons. They don’t understand our reasons for work yet but I hope one day they will see the successes of our family. And I hope they will remember that every day I was away working, I was doing what I loved to do.”


Christina Gault

Christina Gault

Justin Lloyd Gault

Master Machinist/Designer and Owner

Justin Gault is co-owner, co-founder and designer of Gault Designs, and co-owner of Industrial Services of Peachtree City with his wife Christina.

Justin was born and raised in Ohio. He went to school at Polaris Career Center and is an expert machinist and fabricator with years of experience honing his craft. He was made for hard labor and always preferred cutting metal to academic pursuits. He enjoys seeing his and Christina’s passions merge to compliment and serve each other.

Thank you to the readers, customers, family & friends for all your support. We cannot achieve our dreams without you and for that we are all grateful.