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Building a Business in Serenbe

What does it mean to run a business in a new urbanism community?

Serenbe is a thriving community just south of Atlanta, Georgia that was developed to exist in harmony with nature. People are typically drawn here because of the small-town feel, the protected wooded areas, and an appreciation for art and architecture.

“New urbanism” suggests thoughtful development, walkable neighborhoods and interrelated spaces for people and the businesses that serve them.

For Gault Designs, it also signifies a balance between nature and design that we strive to frame in innovative, high-end steel furnishings. You can see much of our work around town, in signage, furnishings, and architectural pieces, and other steel details that are intended to seamlessly blend into the overall Serenbe experience.

We love being a part of this creative, engaged community. Says Gault Designs founder, Christina Gault, “We wanted to grow a business and actively participate in this innovative, creative, natural aesthetic that Serenbe has to offer.”

It’s a pleasure to welcome design professionals and local residents into our showroom and talk about product ideas with all of this outside our windows.

If you find yourself in Serenbe, come and sit by our rust-finish fire pit, or laze in one of our hammock stands when the weather’s warm and watch the clouds float by. Walk in and look at our customized tables, fireplaces, wine racks, and art pedestals. Touch the finishes, ask questions, or sit on a bench in a clear coat finish and enjoy the fresh air. 

We can’t wait to welcome you!

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